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Patient Testimonials

Metabolic Therapies

A Letter from Tim Guarino:

In the early 90's, I was the State Champion and I won various regional meets in Olympic Weightlifting. I knew someday I was going to win the gold at the Nationals ...or so I thought. In 1993, I missed qualifying for the Nationals by 5.5 pounds. I was frustrated because I thought I was doing everything to make it to the top. I was wrong.

I had a poor diet and I didn't take care of my health the way I should have been. My body finally failed on me in 1994. I had lost all hope of competing ever again. I had turned 30 years old and I figured it was time to stop pushing the iron ...I wasn't a kid any more. In 1996, I became ill and sought professional help. Several doctors diagnosed me with hypothyroidism and told me I would have to take medicine for the rest of my life. At the time I had no other choice but to believe them. Their therapy helped me temporarily. I knew I could only be cured if I searched for the correct modality myself.

In the fall of 1998, I attended a lecture on thyroid problems given by Dr. Rind. In the fall of 1999, I began therapy under his direction. I began seeing results and I began to feel better than ever. I am taking less medication than I was in 1999 and I am regaining my health every day. I just returned from Savannah, Georgia where I won the gold at the Nationals, and am training to regain the title of Maryland State Champion. I will continue to break records again.
Thank you Dr. Rind.
Tim Guardino
Baltimore, Maryland

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Brain Injury Therapies

Testimonial letter from Joy Mullineaux:

Ten years ago when I was thirty years old, I had a stroke. It was caused by a brain aneurysm which required surgery because of the excessive bleeding. I needed extensive therapy in order to regain my speech, motor skills and thought processes.

Though I made progress during the following ten years, I still had chronic problems and found myself regressing. I was plagued with chronic fatigue, constant pain in my muscles, and numbness on my right side, especially in my extremities (fingers and toes). I suffered from clouded thinking and slurred speech. Though I was always hopeful, the situation was looking grim.

God answered my prayers when I was referred to Dr. Rind. He believed he could get rid of some numbness on my right side that day. He was right! Other doctors told me that it would be impossible. He gave me a treatment called "Relox." It contains vitamins and minerals with no drugs. To my excitement, within minutes I was able to feel my fingertips on my right side.The first time in ten years! As the minutes rushed by I discovered the lost feeling of my toes. You never know how important these things are until you no longer have them. Words can't express how excited I am about regaining my long lost sensations. I was equally astonished that I had walked into the office with every muscle in my body hurting as usual, but the pain has vanished after my I.V. treatment. My speech and thought processes have improved also.

I am now feeling like a new person. I waited and prayed for years for the rest of my healing to be manifested and I rejoice in God that it has been realized.

Joy M. Mullineaux
Annapolis, MD

Testimonial letter from Paul Rodriguez:

In September of 1997 I was in a near fatal car accident. I was in a coma for one month. When I came out of it, I couldn't move, speak or remember anyone I knew from before. After a few months my memory started to return and I began a rehabilitation program for speech and walking. Rehab lasted nine months. My speech was slurred, walking was difficult and I could walk ten feet per minute.

I remained this way until I met Dr. Rind in December of 1999. He told me about the Relox therapy he had developed. Within one hour of the first treatment, my speech, walking, balance and short term memory all had visibly and dramatically improved. At first I thought I was dreaming. By the next day I realized that my life had changed in a very positive way. I received one more treatment which included osteopathic adjustment. After that treatment my walking improved noticeably.

I now have more energy and think more clearly. I used to be able to work only thirty to forty hours per week. Now I am able to put in overtime and I am averaging sixty hours per week. I thank God for giving me another chance and for the best Christmas present I've ever had.

Paul Rodriguez
Gaithersburg, MD

Testimonial letter from Helen Russell

Dear Dr. Rind,

I am so pleased with the results of Martin's treatment at the center. I would like to share with you, in some detail, my observations and Martin's progress.

As you know, Martin was born at 29 weeks gestation, septic with Group B Strep. He was deathly ill and in his first few days of life, he suffered a Grade Ill and Grade IV intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH). This led to hydracephalus, bilateral optic nerve atrophy, cerebral palsy, seizure disorder and developmental delays.

Throughout Martin's life, we have been fairly aggressive in terms of therapies and treatments. Martin was enrolled in early intervention in Fairfax County and was treated for his first few years by physical, occupational, speech, and vision therapists. After early intervention, Martin attended three years of special education pre-school where he continued to receive a full range of services. In addition to the services provided by the county, we enrolled Martin in Conductive Education, a movement program developed by the Peto Institute in Hungary.

During school vacations and summer, we hired a physical therapy graduate student and instituted a daily three hour therapy-based program at home. Martin is now 5 1/2 years of age. He has been developing at a slow but steady pace. By May of this year, Martin was able to:

* Finger feed himself
* Drink from an open cup
* Float and roll in water
* Sit independently on the floor
* Assist in transitioning from floor to sitting
* Assist in transitioning from floor to standing
* Walk 200 to 300 steps in his posterior walker with a fair amount of complaining, scissoring, and with significant assistance from an adult.

At the end of May, we started supplements, Relox, and hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) under your guidance and supervision. To date, we have had 5 Relox and 25 HBOT treatments. Martin has responded beautifully. His progress in these last 6 of 7 weeks has been so wonderful to watch. Specifically, Martin has:

* Begun to repeat words ...(banana, cracker, singing the ABC)
* Called his nanny by name (Laura) several times
* Started vocalizing in conversational tones. My 13-year-old daughter noticed this change the night she came from being at a 5 day camp
* Taken 6 steps in his walker without any assistance
* Walked longer distances without complaint and with good forth (no scissoring)
* Learned how to push his walker forward and take 2-3 steps on his own. With verbal prompting, he
* repeated this for approximately 15 feet
* Learned how to lift his head out of water (when floating on his belly), breathe, and then put his head back in the water
* Learned that he can swim to the side of the pool and grasp the edge of the pool to lift himself out of the water
* Done a backward somersault in the water
* Listens, processes, and responds appropriately in conversations more than he has ever done
* Started to initiate actions and transitions Helen and Marlin Russell
* Started playing with toys
* Become a very happy child!

Comments from friends and family include:
"Mom, I really think the hyperbaric oxygen is helping Martin. He seems so much more normal now. " Marjorie Russell, sister, age 13
"Martin is so happy. I can't believe how well he is walking. I'm so happy with how well he has done on the camping trip. " Paul Russell, grandfather
"Martin has done his best work for me yet. We spent nearly the whole 3 hours walking. He is doing really great." Kelly Tinker, PT Graduate student
"Martin seems to be listening more and seems so much more settled." Beth Maline, friend and neighbor
"Martin is so much more attentive to the people around him. He is tuned into his environment and now even wants to be included with the other children. " Laura Sirgany, nanny

We will be skipping the next series of Botox injections since his spasticity has been reduced. I am so confident that Martin will continue to benefit from the combined treatments that I will be purchasing a similar hyperbaric chamber for our home so that when school starts we can continue with daily HBOT while seeing you once a week. Thank you for your continued efforts. There is no question that Martin is benefiting from the treatment program.

Helen M. Russell,
Herndon VA

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Pain Related Therapies

The following is a statement from Amelia Wright, a patient that I treated with prolotherapy:

"Seven years ago I injured my ankle. The pain and swelling were constant. I could barely walk. My orthopedist recommended fusing the bones, which he said would cause me to lose all ankle/foot motion. There was no guarantee the pain or swelling would go away. I decided to find an alternative to that approach. Dr. Rind treated my ankle with prolotherapy. After five treatments, all the pain and swelling were gone. Since then, I hike several miles daily on my farm. The pain has not returned."
Amelia Wright

A letter from Charles LaMarr Peters:

"I wanted to play, play hard and fast, but it hurt just to walk! Getting out of bed was excruciating. My aspirations to be a professional soccer player were sidelined by the crippling effect of a "locked" right knee. Patellar tracking syndrome, tendonitis and a slight tear of the meniscus had all come to mind in my own self-diagnosis. In my 20 years of playing sports, I had never been forced from the field. Enter Dr. Rind and prolotherapy! Dr. Rind's non-invasive treatment was particularly attractive to me. After lengthy and complete interviewing, Dr. Rind injected my right knee and ankle with about 20 "shots" and before I left that initial visit my knee "unlocked." That freedom of pain was foreign after the months of pain I had endured. Three days later I was sprinting. Three and a half weeks later I had signed my first pro contract."

Charles LaMarr Peters
Defenseman Eastern Shore Sharks

Testimonial letter from Laura Hoff:

"I would like to thank Dr. Rind for saving my volleyball career. When I visited him for the first time, I had a career ending shoulder injury. I also had "sports induced asthma" as well as knee and back problems. Doctors had never done anything but mask the problems. Dr. Rind, however, with the aid of prolotherapy and other treatments was able to completely cure all of these injuries. Now I am playing better than I ever have before, and I earned a full sports scholarship."

Laura Hoff

Testimonial letter from Marcos Seis:

"I am a professional kickboxer and life long martial artist. I was North American Kick Boxing Champion 1997-1999.1 have been a martial artist most of my life, teaching and practicing.

In the spring of 2000 during training I injured both my knees. I could not teach, train or compete. I was in a tremendous amount of pain. l thought there was no way I would ever participate in my sport again. Because of the pain in my knees I had difficulty teaching my students.

During class one day, one of my students noticed that I was in a lot of pain. He told me his father was a doctor and could help me. That is when I called Dr. Bruce Rind. At this point I had been offered the opportunity to fight the World Champion Kickboxer. I really didn't think there was any possibility of doing it because of the pain in my knees. I came to see Dr. Rind. He treated me with Prolotherapy; nutritional supplements and Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy. I was willing to do whatever it took to get my knees back. Over the next two months, my knees healed! I took supplements Dr. Rind prescribed and had Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy.

I first saw Dr. Rind in May 2000. I began training for the world championship fight in early June. By early July, 1 was able to participate in a full training schedule. I fought July 21, 2000 against the World Champion Kickboxer. I was able to not only compete, but WIN the title! Without Dr. Rind's treatment this would not have been possible. I am grateful that I found Dr. Rind. Without him, I would not only still be in pain, but not able to participate in the sports I love. Thank you, Dr. Rind!

Marco Sies
United States Kick Boxing Association
Super Light-weight Champion of the WORLD!!!!

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