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Metabolic Scorecard

Dr. Rind's Metabolic Scorecard™ is a method of using signs and symptoms to help distinguish between the two most common causes of low metabolic energy: thyroid and adrenal hypo-function. To get a brief understanding of Rind’s approach to identifying and correcting metabolic energy problems read his overview on Metabolic Therapy™.

Are My Metabolic Energy Problems Due to Low Adrenal or Thyroid Function?

You’re worn down, you have trouble sleeping, you have weight problems, you have a hard time remembering things or focusing, you can’t seem to stay warm. The diagnosis for many of these symptoms is low metabolic energy, the cause in many cases is either adrenal fatigue or low thyroid function. Yes, these are two rather different issues. The adrenals help us manage stress and maintain stability, while the thyroid turns on energy product. There are unique signs and symptoms that correspond to the dysfunction in each. The Metabolic Scorecard™ provides valuable insight at a glance as to whether low thyroid and/or adrenal function may be the cause of your signs and symptoms.

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Recognizing Adrenal and Thyroid Patterns

In working with thyroid and adrenal problems, I have come to appreciate a most interesting and significant observation. Symptoms of adrenal function and thyroid function are opposite one another. Thus, in low adrenal function, we see weight loss, pallor, hyper-reactive systems, etc. While, in poor thyroid function, we see weight gain, reddish complexion, hypo-reactive systems, etc. This ‘opposite’ pattern has powerful implications in diagnosing and treating individuals in a low metabolic state because it allows the root problem of either adrenal or thyroid dysfunction to be addressed.

The general exception to this pattern is in cases where the symptom is due to general low metabolic energy regardless of whether it is caused by thyroid or adrenal dysfunction. For example, both poor thyroid and poor adrenal function can cause hair loss or poor mental memory and focus. Examples of these general low metabolic energy symptoms can be found in the symptoms table of the Metabolic Therapy™ overview.

Some interesting observations: Women have a much higher ration of low metabolic energy problems due to adrenal and thyroid dysfunction: ratio is approximately 8:1. Light skin individuals have a tendency toward weaker adrenals and dark skin individuals have a tendency toward weaker thyroids while olive skin individuals tend not to have weak adrenals or thyroids.

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Signs and Symptoms: Adrenal Fatigue vs. Low Thyroid Function

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Interpreting Results

See how many symptoms are in each column (adrenal, thyroid, or mixed). This will tell you if our condition is predominately low function of thyroid, adrenals, or a mixture of both. Nobody has all the above symptoms, however, the more severe the problem the greater the number of symptoms will be present.

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Metabolic Scorecard™: Determining Low Thyroid and/or Adrenal Function at a Glance

The Metabolic Scorecard™ is a quick and easy way to see if there is a predominance of low function of adrenals, thyroid or a mixture of both. As your adrenals and thyroid receive the needed support, use this tool to periodically monitor your progress.

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Diagnostic Tool Coming Soon

We will be adding a Metabolic Scorecard™ Diagnostic Tool to this website to give you feedback on your own symptoms. It will provide you with confirmation on how to interpret your Metabolic Scorecard™. Please register with, and you will be notified when this feature is added.

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